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How to Monitor Files & Folders?

The things you'll need:

You want to monitor the content of particular folders? You want to monitor the modification of particular files? Then PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor is what you need! This free folder monitor software is an advanced application designed to keep an eye on a specific folder or file and get notified whenever a specific change occurs.

Step 1. Download and Run Free Folder Monitor

Click here to download PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor and install it. Double-click the icon to launch the program.

Tip: why can monitoring folders help? Some operations in your computer you might be fully aware of like file download & video playback but there might be something writing to the drive when you don't really expect or want it to. Yet it is impossible to keep watch over all these activities. That's the point you need to use a folder monitor.

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Step 2. Select a Folder to Monitor

Once the program is launched, it will automatically monitor the changes of folders stored in C:\ hard disk (by default). The status will be marked in different colors. File is marked in blue text; directory is marked in green text; removed entry is marked in red text. To clear the log, go to "File - Clear log". In "File" tab, click "Set directory..." to choose a folder you want to monitor.

Select a Folder to Monitor

Step 3. Set Filters

Switch to "Filter" tab. "Watch subtree" is checked by default to track the changes in the folders as well as subfolders in the directory. Move mouse to the "Actions" and you can define whether to include like file adding, deletion, modifying, renaming, etc. in the list. All items are checked, you can uncheck it according to your needs.

Set Filters

The "Notifications" includes file name, directory name, attributes, size, security, etc. Once checked, the program will display this information in the main pane.

Filter Notifications

Step 4. Start Monitoring

Once the free folder monitor is launched, it starts tracking immediately. To stop the monitoring, go to "File" tab and unselected "Active". This is how our free file monitor works.

Tip: right-click on the listed entry and you can check the Properties of the file altered.

Monitor Files & Folders

More tips are provided for you:

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